One Society: NEW ACTION THRILLER! — The Blackmail Caucus

The story begins with a very small group of people with a band of dedicated radical followers who hire a guy with a private army to steal a powerful machine that can sustain entire civilizations and convert it into a superweapon so they can use it to conquer and rule the planet, and now they have started attacking and inflicting great damage on their enemies.

The people that he stole it from immediately resist the weapon, and hire a another guy to form a rebel militia, steal it, and convert it back into the machine that it was so their entire civilization can be sustained and their people will stop suffering. His objective is to stop the attack and recover the weapon. Although his militia outnumbers the rival army, he is heavily outgunned.

After both sides had taken heavy losses and civilian casualties, the machine guy finally fights through and reaches the weapon guy who is at the controls of the weapon, and is using it on the people. The weapon guy threatens to destroy the weapon if the machine guy tries to stop him.

Destroying the weapon means that the weapon guy won’t be able to use it anymore, but he has already inflicted so much damage and has secured enough resources that he and the top of his society will be able to survive indefinitely without it, but with a much more expensive and slower rate of resource acquisition, which will take out most of the people in the middle of and bottom of his society who worship the top of the society, but who he and his people secretly consider to be expendable and “acceptable losses.” This also means that the societies that have already been devastated by the weapon’s use may never recover without its use as a machine.

Which guy is the good guy and which guy is the bad guy? You decide.

There is only one definite outcome. The attack will end because either the weapon will be destroyed or the weapon guy will be neutralized and his society will be forced to compromise with their enemies, and the weapon will get recovered and converted back into a machine so the societies can recover and rebuild.

The weapon is the economic force of the United States, which is equivalent to our ability to raise and sustain both GNP and GDP, which comes down to the minimum goal of making sure people in the lowest classes are able to have jobs and a basic education and earn enough to live on their own without having to depend upon social services, and to keep them out of living in squalor. The only way to accomplish that consistently is to focus on raising people from the middle classes to the lower wealthy classes, which means using more resources to help create the opportunities for those people to develop new sources for GDP growth. The maximum goal is to still have rich people that own and control most of the resources, but not as conquers who use their resources as a superweapon to suppress and harm the lower classes and force them to live in squalor.

The focus should never be on the very top, nor on the very bottom, even though the primary indicator of the goal is the quality of life of the people on the very bottom compared to the quality of life of the people on the top, and NOT on how high the top can go, or on how low the bottom can go.

Sounds like an awesome movie! Maybe they should replace “the economy” with “a municipal water system that gets converted into a super toxic water cannon that can devastate entire regions and small nations.” I hope the bad guy doesn’t end up winning in the end… whoever you determine that to be.

Take a look at the link for more details!


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