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One Society: Annoying political posts are now a fact of life; accept it

The election is over.  Please stop the political posts.  Yeah, right. That’s like telling your cat to stop stepping on your keyboard while writing a blog post. At least she hit the pause button on her return trip after hitting the play button on the first one.   Let’s try on a few more requests. […]

One Society: NEW ACTION THRILLER! — The Blackmail Caucus

The story begins with a very small group of people with a band of dedicated radical followers who hire a guy with a private army to steal a powerful machine that can sustain entire civilizations and convert it into a superweapon so they can use it to conquer and rule the planet, and now they have […]

One Person: Republican Party of Florida attacks non-profit that PRODUCES BINDERS FULL OF WOMEN

  I received two copies of this ad on November 3rd, along with 12 other Republican ads. It was produced and paid for by the Republican Party of Florida. This ad is very hateful and divisive. Just look at these headlines: “GAIL GOTTLIEB – Too Liberal, Too Washington DC, Too Extreme.” “Gail Gottlieb, Way Out of Step with […]


I went to get the mail today… found no actual mail, 16 political flyers, 14 of which are for Republicans, and those are all on thick high gloss high quality paper with Adobe Illustrator all over them, and are shining examples of Citizens United at work. I didn’t get a single Obama ad in the […]