End of 2012 Campaign ads

14 Republican ads in my mailbox three days before election day.

I went to get the mail today… found no actual mail, 16 political flyers, 14 of which are for Republicans, and those are all on thick high gloss high quality paper with Adobe Illustrator all over them, and are shining examples of Citizens United at work.

I didn’t get a single Obama ad in the mail, but I got one Romney ad. That’s like playing Hearts and taking the Queen of Spades and all but one Heart and missing the Jack of Diamonds in a crappy hand.  Take that any way you like.

Voting reminders:

Someone rang my doorbell and left me an Obama-endorsed piece of regular copy paper reminding me of election day, the date, the hours, the address of my polling place, and a reminder of what identification to bring (to stop all of those zero cases of voter fraud), and a website and phone number for reference. It says “VOTE TUESDAY” and “November 6th” on it in giant letters. I’ve gotten several voting reminders from the Democrats that endorse Obama, some of which were about early voting. They sent one per household.

I got one voting reminder from the Republicans… it was from Ross Spano, and it didn’t have any information on it. Not even a date. It just says “This Tuesday is election day! Please remember to vote for [Ross Spano campaign logo].” It is the blue piece of paper in the photo.

That’s the true method of voter suppression for low-information undecided voters. Try not to remind them of when the election is, and when you do, put it on an undated piece of mail that might blend in and trick an unsuspecting low-information voter into thinking that they missed election day because it looks like an old piece of mail from a prior week, and because you know that they have 15,000 campaign ads laying around still because even if they are OCD about cleaning, garbage day was probably more than one day ago, which is enough time for 15,000 campaign ads to be delivered, and is another shining example of Citizens United at work. Never tell them the date, and hope that if they stumble into a voting booth somehow, they remember all of the names they saw in the mail.

Angry Jew ads:

What I refer to as the “Angry Jew” ad is at the bottom-right of the photo.  I’ve gotten more than one Angry Jew ad with more than one angry Jew on it, and these angry Jews are angry at none other than President Barack Obama.

I have multiple concerns with this ad campaign.

“Meet Bernie Marcus. Jewish. Businessman. Founder of Home Depot. He knows Obama’s economic leadership has been a failure.”

A Jewish businessman who was a co-founder and not “the” founder started a warehouse store whose attached supply company was sold to Bain Capital for around 10 BILLION  DOLLARS (really) in 2007…  just criticized the President about economic leadership.

Is that some kind of inappropriate stereotype about Jews that caters to anti-Semites?  Such as, “Even JEWS think that the President’s economic policy has failed, and they know all about money.”  Is it supposed to scare me into thinking that the President is a failure because some rich Jew who made a whole lot of money from Bain Capital is labeling the President as a failure? 

It also says:

“Paid for by the Republican Jewish Coalition Victory Fund. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.”  

…except when one of your vice chairmen probably made a billion dollars from a sale to Bain Capital.

Why did I even get this ad?

Unless it is a grossly inappropriate stereotype, they were targeting me. They must think I’m a Jew simply from looking at my last name. They even addressed it to my family, and not to me directly.  I have never disclosed any of the information requested by the optional questions on any form at any point in time ever. How would they have any idea about my religion? And I’m not Jewish.

If they understand religion so well, then they should understand that Bernie Marcus isn’t a Jedi. He should turn his targeting computer back on before taking his one shot at Barack “Death Star” Obama. <+5 nerd points>

Ross Spano ads:

Ross Spano has an addiction. He is a chronic campaign ad sender.

He sent me three copies of the same thing;  one each to the two of us who live here, and one to the former owner. He also sent the generic voting reminder with no information on it. From a marketing perspective, providing that information would actually help his ad campaign to be more effective. Someone might be more interested in his ad if they had a reason to actually read it and not just throw it away.

His website says:

“… As your neighbor, raising my family and building a small business, I’ve become increasingly concerned and frustrated about where our government is headed. I’m firmly convinced government is not the solution to our problems – in most cases, inefficient government is the problem. I believe in small, efficient, accountable government that serves its citizens. Believe it or not, within the last ten years, Florida had the fourth fastest growing state government among all fifty states. I’m sure you agree that our government can no longer ignore its mounting fiscal problems and continue to spend money it doesn’t have. We need strong leaders in Tallahassee representing us who understand this very basic concept! Difficult decisions must be made by elected officials who are committed to ensuring a better Florida for our children. We should expect nothing less.”

I didn’t add the bold, it is like that on his website.

Look at that last line again:

Difficult decisions must be made by elected officials who are committed to ensuring a better Florida for our children. We should expect nothing less.

Looks like Ross Spano didn’t make the “difficult decision” to cross reference his mailing list with public listings of dwelling types so that he could be more efficient in managing his campaign money and usage of resources on a process that converts paper and ink directly into trash by sending one ad (or maybe even ZERO ads) to one single family dwelling rather than four ads, including one that would end up being mostly a deterrent and not a reminder, to two high-information voters who have both already voted and would never vote for him under any circumstances, even if he were running unopposed.

In other words, they are throwing their campaign money directly into a landfill for no logical reason right at the end of the campaign. What would they do with your money?

I didn’t realize that Ross Spano looked so much like Jeb Bush.

Why does Ross Spano have a picture of Jeb Bush on his ad but with his name in the corner?  That makes it look the guy in the picture is Ross Spano, but it is actually Jeb Bush.

Are they hoping that people remember Jeb’s face when they see Ross Spano’s name on the ballot?

What do YOU want to do when you see Jeb’s face?

In other words, they want voters to punch their ballots in the face. 

When I see a Ross Spano ad, this is what I really see:

“Ross Spano – throwing your money and our natural resources directly into a landfill and subconsciously threatening paper ballots for State House, District 59. 

Please think that I reminded you to vote at some point, but don’t actually vote because if you do, it probably won’t be for me. 

Paid for by the Republican Party.”


We need more major political parties so these extremist groups will erode.

Please give any Republicans another chance when they rage quit their party and go to a different party, but only after they’ve proven that they are actually able to compromise and that they have compromised on important issues in the past that have worked out to everyone’s benefit. There are some current Republicans out there that have this ability, but its usage is considered to be beyond the last resort and should only be used when death is imminent. If we encourage them that they can switch parties and that they don’t have to wait until they are almost dead to join parties that are more aligned with their values, then we will be better able to relate to one another and avoid devastating accidents instead of colliding head-on all the time, every time. 


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