One Society: Annoying political posts are now a fact of life; accept it

The election is over.  Please stop the political posts. 

Yeah, right. That’s like telling your cat to stop stepping on your keyboard while writing a blog post. At least she hit the pause button on her return trip after hitting the play button on the first one.


Let’s try on a few more requests.

Your baby has been born. Please stop the new parent “dozens of infant pictures” posts.

You drove your new car off the lot, and its value immediately depreciated by 20 to 30 percent. Please stop posting extreme-angle pictures of it in your driveway and of its vanity plate.

Your beach vacation is over.  Please stop posting pictures of the weird shells you found.

Your mountain vacation is over. Please stop posting pictures of you standing in front of some giant rock.

Funny cat antics are funny. Please stop posting pictures of them “singing” which look the same as the dozens of other pictures you’ve posted of them.

Actually, nevermind. Cat posts are fine.



The Real Problem

The problem we will have is that running off this “fiscal cliff” will be too tempting of a target. It is all but certain to occur because Republicans, who have no bargaining power, will not act until after it happens so they can make it look like they are passing tax cuts.

In reality, they’re standing against the automatic tax increases and spending cuts that they put in place by vowing to allow them to occur.  

It is no wonder that they and their supporters are insane if they have to find a way to accept that twisted logic to avoid cognitive dissonance.

“In order to achieve our goals, we have to fail to achieve any of our goals and destroy the economy,” which is akin to saying, “in order to lose weight and save money so I can survive longer, I spent all of my money and traded all of my material possessions for a supply of trans-fat that I am injecting directly into my blood stream, which will undoubtedly kill me in a matter of minutes.”

Don’t forget that the reason they put the expiration in place 10 years ago was to manipulate the cost estimates of the Bush-era tax cuts. For all intents and purposes, this move was a political success for them. Now they can engage in attacks regarding the tax increases and spending cuts that they implemented in a move of political malfeasance, and instead blame it on their political opposition for not compromising.  They can also pass tax cuts after an agreement is finally reached.


None of us are going to get away from it all. The right will constantly find ways to justify their insanity, and even if they are splintered and form new little crazy-groups, they will still come roaring back with a tsunami of illogical radical positions that will resonate with their base, who are now at high risk of political defection to other conservative political organizations.

Herman Cain was right (and not just about pizza); we do need a third choice, and breaking off the tea party is a wonderful idea. It’s too bad he’s such a conservative political ideologue. I really like that he was the CEO of a pizza chain, which is why I supported him in the primaries by eating as much pizza as possible.


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